Idea Bank is an initiative for developing ideas and providing an opportunity to the students for innovation and creativity. The institute avails the platform to students to present their ideas in written form. They submit the ideas individually or in group to the respective Head of the departments. The ideas are sorted as per relevance and their applicability.Mostly the practical and experiment based ideas are chosen and they are demonstrated in the departmental exhibitions.
The ideas are as below-

Sr.No. Name of the Department Name of the Student Title of an Idea
1 Department of Chemistry Sonali Dahitule and Dhanashree Lonkar Recycle of plastic from waste
Trupti Shinde and Swati Tambe Distinguishing Colloidal Solution and True Solution-
2 Department of Mathematics Pooja Phadake and Shilpa Ovhal Maths all Dimensions
Swati Gagare and Shital Zende Maths in Cryptography
Rohini Kandake and Rajshri Lotake The Radon Transform
Saniya Mujawar and Yasmin Khan The Maps of Mathematics
Ashwini Bhoge and Kanchan Berad Maths in Music
Maruri Kaldate and Vidya Hajare Maths of ECG: Fourier Series
3 Department of Physics Snehal Vyawahare 24 hour digital clock
Rutuja Sonawane Heat Detector
Aarti Shete Photoelectric Switch
4 Department of Zoology Snehal Jagtap, Ashwini Bhosale and Snehal Dhas Immune System
Shweta Pund, Suvarna Jadhav and Monika Makhare Reflex Action (Working Model)
Supriya Ghodake, Sonal Todmal and Ujjwala Kundkar Blood Transfusion
5 Department of Botany Dipali Chavan and Sadhana Waje Hydrophonics: New Techniques of Growing Plants
Snehal Khamkar and Sonali Adsul Rhizofiltration- Phytoremediation Technique
Wandhekar Pooja and Kalpana Satre Influence of Biotic and Abiotic Factors on Seed Germination