Department of Botany is established in June 1991. It is one of the leading departments of the college in the field of teaching and research in plant sciences. The department is involved in the areas of Taxonomy, Phycology, Mycology and Medicinal Botany. To keep pace with the advances in various aspects of Plant Sciences, the department introduced certificate courses in Botanical Techniques and Tools and Techniques in Life Sciences. The department has been revising its syllabi of certificate courses every year. The department has undertaken research projects in the areas of Cyanobacteria, Mycology, Medicinal plants and Conservation of plants for which it has received substantial funding from Government funding agencies like University, MOEF, UGC and DST. The faculty members have active collaborations with NGO’s like Hariyali, Ahmednagar and providing helping hands in conservation of local flora.

Department Profile - Brochure

Teache's Name Qualification Experience in Years Teaching Course Photo
Dr. B. K. Auti
Associate Professor & Head
Ph. 9881289839
M.Sc.,M. Phil.,Ph. D. 33 F.Y. /S.Y. / T. Y. B. Sc.
S. Y. B. Sc.-Paper- I
1. Taxonomy of Angiosperms and Plant Community
2. Plant Anatomy and Embryology
Paper-III: Practicals
T.Y. B. Sc.
Plant Ecology and Biodiversity
Paper- IV
Spermatophyta and Palaeobotany
Horticulture and Floriculture
Plant breeding and Seed Technology
Dr. Mrs. S. A. Kulkarni
Assistant Professor
Ph. 8888 132995
Email :
M.Sc., Ph. D. 18 F.Y. /S.Y. / T. Y. B. Sc.
F. Y. B. Sc.
Paper-II: Industrial Botany
S. Y. B. Sc.
Paper-II: 1. Plant Physiology
2. Plant Biotechnology
Paper- III: Practicals
T.Y.B. Sc.
Paper-VI: Computational Botany
Plant Biotechnology
Ms. J. D. Pawar
Assistant Professor (Temporary)
Ph. 9172021977
M.Sc. 03 F.Y. /S.Y. / T. Y. B. Sc.
F. Y. B. Sc.
Paper II- Industrial Botany
S. Y. B. Sc.
Paper- I
1. Taxonomy of Angiosperms and Plant Community
2. Plant Anatomy and Embryology
T. Y. B. Sc.
Paper- I: Cryptogamic Botany
Plant Ecology and Biodiversity
Medicinal and Economic Botany
Ms. R. R. Khandagale
Assistant Professor (Temporary)
Ph. 8275437850
M. Sc.,B. Ed. 01 F.Y. /S.Y. / T. Y. B. Sc.
F. Y. B. Sc.
Paper I-Fundamentals of Botany and Plant Diversity
Paper III-Practicals
S. Y. B. Sc.
Paper III: Practicals
T. Y. B. Sc.
Paper- II: Cell and Molecular Biology
Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
Mr. A. B. Kadam
Assistant Professor (Temporary)
Mob. 9561818076
M.Sc. 02 F. Y. B. Sc.
Paper-II: Industrial Botany
S Y. B. Sc.
T. Y. B. Sc.
Paper-III: Plant Pathology


Sr.No. Name of the Teacher Achievement or Recognition
Dr. B.K. Auti
Recognition as a Ph. D. Guide (31stAug. 2015 to 04th July, 2020) by SPPU, Pune
Member, Sub-committee framed for Revision of T. Y. B. Sc. Botany syllabus (2014-15).
Ex- Member of BOS in Botany, University of Solapur (2010-2014).
Ex-Member of BOS in Botany, University of Pune (2000-2005).
Member of BOS in Botany, YC institute of Science, Satara (2017).
Fellow of Hind Agri-horticultural Society (FHAS),dated 24th Dec. 2009.
Honorary Fellowship of the International Scientists Unique Researchers’ Yare Association (FISURYA), dated 17th Sept. 2013.
Dr. Ms. S. A. Kulkarni
Presented research paper in International conference organized at Deira, Dubai in November, 2015.
Received Best paper presentation award at University of Mauritius, Mauritius in May 2017.
Presented research paper in International conference organized at Bali, Indonesia, in May, 2018.

Published Books by Dr. B. K. Auti

Department Conference/Workshop Organized

Vision and Mission

  • To teach, conduct research, and perform services in applied and classical Botany.
  • To conserve flora of Ahmednagar city and around
  • To generate outstanding, skilled and scholarly human resource
  • To create self-sufficient generation through higher education


Immediate Goals

  • To start certificate course in
    a) Handling of laboratory equipments
    b) Horticultural practices
  • To organize workshop on reframing of syllabus in Botany.
  • To apply for organization of National conferences in Life Sciences.

Medium Term Goals

  • To submit research project proposals to University/UGC/ DST/MOEF.
  • To conduct short term course such as-
    a) Tools and Techniques in Life Sciences
    b) Mushroom Technology.

Long Term Goals

  • To start P.G. course in Botany.
  • To start Diploma in
    a) Landscape Gardening
    b) Polyhouse Technology.
    c) Conservation of biodiversity.

Departmental Facilities

Botanic Garden

The Botany Department has an impressive Botanic garden, having a collection of over 200 species of plants. Its special features include a collection of palms, threatened and endangered plants, gymnosperms, medicinal plants and plants of botanic interest. Ministry of Environment and Forests, New Delhi assisted for conservation of plants in Botanic garden.

Departmental Library

The departmental library is committed to serve to its users efficiently. It has a collection of over 57 text books and 39 reference books, 15 journal issues in Botany and 46 other books. The students get benefit of these books in addition to the central library (KRC) facility.

Field Facility

The field visits and excursions were conducted to inculcate interest in students for the subject and also to show them plants in their natural habitats. The department has facilities to carry out field experiments in the Botanic garden and shadenet house. Experimental plots and irrigation facility is available.

Computer and Internet Facility

The department has a well equipped computer and Internet facility for conducting practicals in biostatistics and bioinformatics. Wi-Fi connectivity is available in the college campus, which is accessed by most students.

Microphotography Facility

The department has microscope with imaging attachments which are available to the students and faculty for practicals and project work.

Culture Facilities

The department has the facilities for aseptic manipulations, transfer and incubation to raise in-vitro cultures of plants. These include laminar air flow chamber, shaker, oven and shade-net house.

Class Paper Academic Year 2018-19 Academic Year 2017-18 Academic Year 2016-17 Academic Year 2015-16 Academic Year 2014-15 Academic Year 2013-14
F.Y.B.Sc. Botany I-III 144 170 190 149 160 132
S.Y.B.Sc. Botany I-III 102 110 84 75 87 76
T.Y.B.Sc. Botany I-IX 22 29 21 24 15 17


Year Name of the student Marks Rank in college Rank in university
2013-14 Gloria James Gaikwad 91.80 1 2
2013-14 Ajabe Yogita Shashikant 82.80 2 --
2014-15 Shaikh Parveen Shabbir 85.20 1 --
2014-15 Shaikh Sayama Abdul Alim 78.55 2 --
2015-16 Ghodake Shubhangi Dattatray 92.33 1 8
2015-16 Shaikh Rihana Akil 89.10 2 --
2016-17 Padule Trupti Ambadas 90.66 1 9
2016-17 Sayyed Gazal Rafique 85.25 2 --
2017-18 Zende Puja Yashwant 95.00 1 --
2017-18 Pund Komal Popat 86.33 2 --