The mechanism of the course is as follows-
    • This course is conducted for the B.B.A.(Computer Application) Programme.
    • Rapid revision of syllabus of Std. 12th /First Year.
    • General introduction to First Year/Second Year syllabus, study skills and clues, way of answering, mental preparation of students, duties of students.
    • Structure of UGC/University and its functioning (General information) viz. N.A.A.C., Powers and duties of UGC Chairman, various universities in India, Five Year Plans, various schemes, Powers and duties of Chancellor, Vice- Chancellor, Pro- Vice- Chancellor, Registrar, Senate, various Councils, university representatives, various courses, university departments and their functioning, innovative practices for students by university etc.
    • Structure/pattern of College Examination and University Examinations for First Year/Second Year students.
    • Co-curricular and extra -curricular activities for students by university. viz. N.S.S., N.C.C., various competitions (Academics, Sports, Art, Theatre, Social Awareness, Environment Awareness, Health and Hygiene, Special Camps)
    • General introduction of Anti-ragging Cell, Discipline Committee, Prevention of Sexual Harassment Committee and ways of complaining, important telephone/mobile numbers etc.
    • Scope, importance, need and interesting details of Commerce subjects, career opportunities (local/national/international level), day to day relevance of subject, true stories of role models/ authors/ management thinkers / great contributors.
    • Sharing of Experiences, expectations of students, innovative practices in the class (if any), *preferable use of medium in which students can feel comfortable to understand the subject.

(*Applicable to selected subjects only)

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   Bridge Course 2014-15
   Bridge Course 2015-16
   Bridge Course 2016-17
   Bridge Course 2017-18