Savitri Maiteryi Forum

Savitri Maiteryi Forum

The parent institution has started 4 womens colleges in Maharashtra keeping the premier objective to uplift and promote the womens education. It has made great shift in the modern era by opening the doors of the education to women. Savitri- Maitreyi Forum has paved a way to our students to share and interact with the lady experts especially from the field of physical and mental health, to imbibe legal, social, environmental awareness along with career guidance. The enlisted activities have helped us to address such issues through feminine perspective.

  • Multilingual Capabilities.
  • To provide platform to speak out and share the problems through forum.
  • Helping, promoting and solving the problem mutually.
  • Sharing innovative ideas, events, issues, books and movies with the members.
  • To imbibe gender equality.
  • Reaching the society for women empowerment (through Young Inspirators Network (Y.I.N.) activities).
  • To make students realize about The Self through various awareness programmes .
The Context:

In the age of science and technology, we are passing through a critical phase with a drastic transformation in basic human ethics. The pace of life has become unexpectedly faster. The struggle between gender equity and traditional dogma of patriarchy is a great concern for the world. We cannot remain distant from this struggle. To meet the challenge, the stakeholders have incepted the idea of this forum in the institute. Sharing of problems, solutions, ideas and experiences help the members of the forum to promote bonding and make an innate symbiosis. The economical, legal, family, medical, psychological and personal problems are discussed in the forum. The expert members in the forum assist and advice the needy member/s on a particular issue. To strengthen this forum, support from external agencies such as Lek Laadaki Abhiyan and Dalit Mahila Vikas Manch, Satara, Y.I.N. programme of Daily Sakal is availed.

The Practice:

The symbiosis Savitri-Maiteryi Forum gives equal opportunity to individuals to share their problems. The students express openly to get the problem solved. The other members consider the problem empathetically. Young Inspirators Network (Y.I.N.) organizes the interviews, rallies, street plays, cleanliness drives, responses to current affairs in newspaper columns, interviews to media on social issues, funds for cancer patients, needy people, orphanage and earthquake. The Y.I.N. team organizes these activities on the campus as well as off the campus. The volunteers practice these activities with the help and guidance of faculty. The forum works on various issues through expert lectures, workshops, rallies, street plays and counseling sessions. The institute takes an opportunity to meet students need by organizing various expert lectures on health and hygiene, mental health, legal concerns, personality development, safety, career development and environmental awareness. This symbiosis is held occasionally to honor the great information of our Nation gleaming upon a wide range of themes of enduring human values, national, social as well as academic concerns.

Problems encountered and Resources Required:
  • In thisever changing techno- savvy world, the individual is highly engrossed in new gadgets, artificial e-media and there usage. Importance of human values and cultural legacyis overlook unknowingly and unwillingly.
  • Vast population and extension in the period of learning and becoming self-sufficient has delayed the marrying span and age as againstthe nature. This has created problems in social, family and individuals life.
  • The institute strives to imbibe vanishing good values of sympathy, modesty,lenience and solemnity. For this, we needan active involvement from the students.
  • Result oriented mindset, disbelief in system; shy nature and passive approach to look at the future have affected the affinity towards the society. This has been emergingmany social problems. Women are major victims of this.
  • A full fledged media support for broadcasting the activities conducted on and off the campus would help the institute greatly.

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