Research Chem

Research Chem

  • Research Activity:

    Recognized Ph. D. Guides associated with research centre: 05
    Students enrolled for Ph.D.: 06
    Students awarded Ph.D.: 05
  • Research Areas :

    Novel Heterocyclic Compound Synthesis
    New Methods of Heterocyclic Synthesis
    Green Approaches in Synthesis
    • Reusable and Nano-Catalysts etc

Ph.D. Guides Associated with Research Center:

Sr. No. Name of the Guide Specialization
1 Prin. Dr. Bhausaheb. K. Karale Organic Chemistry
2 Prin. Dr. Kaluram. G. Kanade Physical Chemistry
3 Dr. Sharad. N. Shelke Organic Chemistry
4 Prin. Dr. Shridhar. S. Jadhav Physical Chemistry
5 Prin. Dr. Dinanath D. Patil Physical Chemistry

Research Guide: Dr. B. K. Karale:

Sr. No. Student Registration Date Topic name Status Award Date
1 Mr. H. N. Akolkar 12/07/2014 Synthesis and screening of thiazole anchored heterocycles Awarded 03/04/2017
2 Mr. R. D. Deshmukh 12/07/2014 Synthesis and biological screening of various heterocycles derived from 1-((4-(2,2,2-trifluoroethoxy)-3- Awarded 20/04/2017
3 Mr. K. S. Hon 16/07/2014 Synthesis and Biological Screening of Heterocycle anchored Azoles and Chromones In progress --
4 Ms. S. G. Kundlikar 12/07/2014 Synthesis and Screening of Benzofuran Containing Azoles, Chromones and Halogenated Chromones Awarded 08/12/2017
5 Ms. S. D. Mhaske 12/07/2014 Synthesis & Biological Screening of Some Thiophene And Pyrazole Anchored Flavones and Azoles Awarded 23/10/2017
6 Ms. R. S. Endait 05/08/2014 Synthesis and screening of imidazole and thiophene anchored azoles and flavanoids Awarded 10/05/2018

Research Guide: Dr. K. G. Kanade:

Sr. No. Student Registration Date Topic name Status
1 Mr. S. P. Kunde 12/07/2014 Synthesis of Nanocrystalline Metal Oxides as Catalyst to Heterocyclic Reactions Synopsis Submitted
2 Mr. S. T. Shinde 12/07/2014 Synthesis of Nanocrystalline Materials To Catalytic Application For Biologically Active Pyrazolones and Chromones Synopsis Submitted

Research Guide: Dr. S. S. Jadhav:

Sr. No. Student Registration Date Topic name Status
1 Mr. N. V. Kale 07/08/2014 Synthesis and biological screening of azoles containing heterocycles In Progress

Research Guide: Dr. S. N. Shelke:

Sr. No. Student Registration Date Topic name
1 Mr. P. B. Sutar In Process Development of characterization of new functionalized co-polymers, nano composites for potential applications.
2 Mr. R. A. Kawale In Process Synthesis and application of silica supported ferrite nanoparticales in organic tansformations.

List of Publications

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