Vision Mission & Objectives

Vision Mission Objectives


“Education through self-help" is our motto.


  • Self-sufficing, self-reliant and self-respecting education for women empowerment and visualize the institute as the best center for development and application of knowledge contributing to modern nation.


  • To impart quality higher education for women to inculcate values, make them academically and emotionally competent and socio-economically self-reliant.


  • To promote female education.
  • To develop the overall personality of the girl student.
  • To imbibe education through self-help and dignity of labour.
  • To avail higher education, opportunities, primarily to the lower classes education to their doors byuse of modern technology.
  • To generate physically, spiritually and academically sound motivated graduates with awareness of importance of national integration and social responsibilities.
  • To provide overall education to casteless and classless society.
  • Spreading mass education to the students in particular from economically handicapped and educationally backward strata of society.
  • To impart value education based on cardinal principles of true nationalist orientation, self-reliance and dignity of labour.

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