Alumnae Association

Alumnae Aassociation

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Alumnae Association functions actively for the development of the institute through financial and non-financial means. The institute organizes the meeting of Alumnae Association regularly to share and discuss the issues related to the progress of the institute. Such meetings help to share their ideas and expectations with the administration. The alumnae have been contributing significantly to the development of the institute.
Contribution of alumnae in academics and administration is more useful to the development of the institute. The composition of the association is as under-


Sr. No. Name of the Member Designation Permanent/ Temporary
1 Smt. Vidya Ajay Tanwar President Permanent
2 Smt. Varsha Rajendra Shete Vice-President Permanent
3 Miss. Priyanka Nandkumar Chikhale Member Permanent
4   Secretary Permanent
5 Mr. Sahadeo Nanabhau Avhad Treasurer Permanent
6 Mrs. Ashwini Namdeo Vidhate Member Permanent
7 Miss. Vidya Sanjay Kandekar Member Permanent
8 Miss. Sophiya Ayyub Pathan Member Permanent
9 Miss. Manjusha Dadaba Suryawanshi Member Permanent
10 Miss. Vasudha Mahadeo Khakal Member Permanent
11 Miss. Shital Bharat Magar Member Permanent

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