Social Activity

Social Activity

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Social activities inculcate a sense of social responsibility, leadership qualities, problem solving attitude, healthy interaction and to engage students in meaningful social service that meets community needs. Enduring values such as equality, democracy, peace, compassion, justice, human rights and cooperation are also inculcated among students. They help the underprivileged people to develop themselves. Thus, the ultimate goal of the scheme is achieved by inculcating the bond of patriotism, national integration, brotherhood, communal harmony among volunteers.

Sr. No. Date Name of the initiative
1 06/07/2013 Awareness lecture on Water Harvesting
2 22/09/2013 Organization of Rally on environmental awareness
3 05/10/2013 Awareness through street play on social issues
4 12/10/2013 Lecture on Nutritional Awareness
5 09/08/2014 Rakshabandhan with socially neglected community
6 20/09/2014 Awareness Lecture on waste management
7 01/10/2014 Blood Donation Awareness Rally
8 06/10/2014 Cleanliness Drive by staff & students
9 11/07/2015 Awareness session on Vermicomposting
10 22/08/2015 Awareness lecture on Bee Keeping Practices
11 03/10/2015 Menstrual Awareness activity
12 28/11/2015 Rally on Quami Ekata
13 13/08/2016 Guidence on Social & emotional problems & solutions in adolescence girls
14 8/10/2016 Awareness Lecture on organic farming& Soil Conservation
15 07/01/2017 Guidence on Importance of balanced diet & exercise
16 27/01/2017 Awareness Rally About hazards of Plastic carry bags
17 O1/07/2017 Awareness Lecture on Rain water management
18 05/08/2017 Promotion for skilled courses through presentation.
19 03/10/2017 Environmental protection Crackers free Diwali
20 9/12/2017 Organization of Rally against Social Security of girls

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